Game Night: Playin’ Games, Learnin’ English

Learning English in a classroom-setting is an essential way to master the language. However, have you ever had trouble communicating at the grocery store, at a fast food restaurant, or even on campus during break time?

Well, it is probably because you are experiencing English in a very different way. Because ESL classes focus mostly on “English for academic purposes” (EAP) it may be difficult at times to understand everyday English such as slang and reductions. You may be wondering…How do I fix this problem?

The answer is simple. Join the ESL Program during events such as Game Night, English Table, and Movie Day. During these events, you can communicate with friends and teachers in an informal environment, which means you will be exposed to slang, reductions, puns, idiomscolloquialisms, and even a few jokes!

In fact, we have a Game Night scheduled tonight from 5:30 – 7:30! Come join us! We will be playin’ games and learnin’ English!

game night flyer Spring 2 5-1-13


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